Das Unternehmen

Since 1998, SERINFOR Company located in the south of France, has just created “SunwinD Company SAS”, a structure specialized in dry toilet systems distribution.
We first tried several systems of dry toilet operating with straw, sawdust or wood shavings; finally we decided to choose a reliable system, ecological with no water consumption and that does not require any outside emptying. It appeared to us that this system is among the most effective ones to answer the use of dry toilets in communities.
The european import of SundwinD Ecosan toilets represents a significant technical improvement in providing areas hard to get to with no water inlet or evacuation.
SundwinD Ecosan can operate in “hostile” environments between -40°C to +50°C (-40° to 122° F) and therefore can be used in a great number of countries, from North to South.