A sanitary installation which does not require either water, or evacuation to work


Not only the water is saved, but this system is completely isolated of the environment and can’t contaminate the resources of natural waters.


The system uses a natural biological process to transform the waste a kind of dehydrated and odourless compost.


Excrements fall vertically (2) in a conveyor (3) specially conceived with one lived helical.

Every time the flap of toilet (1) is raised, a steel mechanism puts the conveyor in rotation.

In every rotation, excrements move slowly and put approximately 20 days to reach a reusable receptacle (4). It is necessary between 6 and 9 months to fill this receptacle of dry and odourless waste.

The airflow (6) for the process of dehydration/ evaporation and of deodorization is supplied by a ventilation shaft (5) Specially conceived for that purpose.

Human excrements consist in approximately 95 % of humidity.


The excrements are dried up in the conveyor and the urine as well as the humidity evaporate in the atmosphere. The excrements dry by being transformed a kind of compost and represent between 5 and 10 % of their initial mass.


This dry waste can be managed in various ways:

  • make some compost
  • be evacuated by the services of purification
  • use it as a source of energy
If more voluminous objects such as cans of drink, layers or quite other object are accidentally cast in the tank, the system will not be blocked.

It is nevertheless recommended not to make it.